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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Interesting environmental news

Interesting local interest piece I spotted on the web. Nice to see preservation pays.
Preserving Rural Way: Protecting Pines Can Be Profitable: "
“Do Something Good’

Since he moved there, he has been laboring to restore the longleaf pine forest. It’s hard work, but Wimberley said it is also the most rewarding work he’s done.

“Mom said to me, ‘You want this land, then do something good with it,’ ” he said.

The farm still produces economically. Wimberley has raked pine straw, grown shitake mushrooms, engaged in other small-scale organic farming and given educational tours to school children.

He plans on turning an old tobacco barn into an educational center to base tours from.

“My main product is education,” Wimberley said.

Since he’s taken over the property, he has used fire to transition the areas that the loblolly pine has taken over to longleaf.

In leading a tour of the property, Wimberley pointed out the diversity of plants that grow on hills just above running water. Several different types of orchids and even some carnivorous plants were on the property, which he said really thrills the school children."


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